Integrative medicine, including dentistry, is simply a new page in modern medicine.

In our opinion, it could be called medicine of a new era, similar to the time of Ibn Sina in the 11th century or Aviccena as he was known as in Europe. By definition, it is the integration of many healing modalities, including Western medicine, into an effective or functional approach that provides truly individualised diagnostics and treatment. It is important to know that from an anatomical point of view, integrative medicine divides the human body into 3 parts that cannot be separated.


The liquid or “water” part which is everywhere in the body. Some authors say that our body is made up of 70-80% water, with most of it outside the cells and a smaller part inside.

In reality, water is just a liquid in which all the body’s biochemical reactions take place. Statistics say that 37 billion trillion chemical reactions take place in our body every second. Dwell on this dynamic for a moment. In Western medicine, we try to identify them all, and there is still much to be done. Nevertheless, the fact remains that diseases start in the fluid and it is in the fluid that we usually look for the causes with blood, urine and stool laboratory analyses, with dark field analyses and many other diagnostic tools.


The second part has many names and can be called connective tissue, extracellular matrix, mesenchyme, Pischinger’s space, etc. and consists mainly of collagen, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, etc. It is the support and connection network for the cells and is saturated by the water content. It acts like a three-dimensional filter and catches the toxins before they can destroy the cells.

It is the body’s rubbish dump when we do not excrete enough, as you will learn below. Even the body’s own cells excrete normal toxins into the extracellular matrix through which they can flow with the blood and lymph to the liver and kidneys and from there out of the body.


Thirdly, there are specialised cells that form the organs of our body. Each cell has a specific task in a specific organ. The first two parts are merely the pathways by which nutrients reach the cells and by the same pathways the normal toxins leave the body. When the regulation of the inflow of nutrients we eat or drink and the excretion of toxins is disturbed, the intestines, the lymphatic and immune systems, the liver and the blood as transport systems are usually affected first, which later leads to a dysfunction of other organ cells.

Nevertheless, every human being has his or her weak point and the global problem of waste disposal manifests itself in a specific organ dysfunction that leads to disorders or diseases.

Integrative Medicine and Dentistry views the human body as a unique biochemical, energetic and spiritual whole that functions in harmony with each other. Its main advantage is that it incorporates the knowledge of Western medicine, biological medicine, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, osteopathy, psychotherapy, yoga and others.

It is truly unique how each team of experts can develop its own concept of integrative medicine. The medicine of the future will always count on the team of experts who combine their knowledge to create completely individualised treatment plans that can achieve remarkable results. Many patients say it’s just incredible, and in the early days of developing Maha Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, we thought it was incredible too.

Human life continues to evolve and so does the complexity of treatments. It’s no secret that biochemically the human body could last 200 years or more. We do not promise that, of course, but we do promise that life is completely changing in all areas.

To treat a particular disease, we must treat the whole body.

Specific diseases are only the last expression of a body that has been under pressure for many years. Disease does not simply appear, it develops. The most common compliment we get is, “I feel like I have been reborn,” and the second, “I just can not believe I have stopped taking pills for high blood pressure and diabetes.”

In summary: Integrative medicine treats the whole body, not just a specific disease, and it makes you well again.

For example, cardiovascular disease is not just to do with the blood vessels and the heart, it has its roots in all 8 major causes, which are dealt with elsewhere. Therapies are planned according to the diagnosis and the main goal is first to rid the body of accumulated “junk”, then to assess how much regenerative capacity her or his body still has, and then to prescribe further steps to achieve the goals set at the beginning.

Integrative Dentistry

There is no Integrative Medicine without Integrative Dentistry. The mouth with its teeth represents a part of the body that has an important influence on general health with its inflammatory conditions and metallic materials.

All therapies that target the body cannot be effective if the oral conditions burden the body. We speak from long experience. Bacterial infections lead to either gum disease or periodontitis, “dead” teeth with granulomas, or even both. Non-bacterial bone lesions secrete the inflammatory mediator CCl5, which affects the whole body. Among metals, there is amalgam containing mercury, as well as many other metal alloys used in bridges and dentures. Inflammation creates an acidic environment that accelerates the “dissolution” of metals that deposit in the body.

In integrative dentistry, thorough diagnostics are crucial. This includes a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity with a microscope, computer analysis of periodontal disease, X-rays, CBCT, CaviTAU ultrasound, Dark Field microscope analysis, analysis of inflammatory mediators and much more.

As soon as the diagnosis shows the necessary steps for a successful treatment, we start with therapeutic procedures that are strictly metal-free and biocompatible. All materials are carefully selected and are compatible with the body. In surgery, we use techniques such as PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), ozone, i.v. therapies and PMP (Pulsed Magnetic Field) after procedures. These restorative and antibacterial therapies allow us to provide antibiotic-free treatments. There are significantly fewer complications and pain after the treatments. When it comes to dentures and bridges, we only practise digital dentistry, which offers excellent precision and comfort. If you suffer from anxiety, we also offer inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide to calm you before and during treatment.

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What constitutes integrative dentistry?

Periodontal Disease and the Body
Periodontal disease affects a significant percentage of the population worldwide. Yet all too often we are unaware of their impact on the whole body. Teeth are connected to the jawbone, so tooth loss due to this infectious disease is not just an aesthetic and functional problem. Periodontal disease can damage the health of the body as the inflammation spreads to other organs through bacteria and harmful substances entering the bloodstream, lymph and connective tissue – the first and second parts as described above. It can affect the heart, brain, liver and lungs and cause changes in the respiratory or digestive mucosa. In addition, periodontal disease can aggravate existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and diabetes. Older people and people who are overweight are particularly at risk.

Amalgam and other Alloys in the Mouth
Mercury or amalgam fillings contain about 50 per cent mercury, which has toxic effects on the body. Amalgam fillings can cause physical and psychological problems and affect brain function. Mercury can be absorbed into the body from the fillings, enter the blood and nerves, and accumulate in the tissues and organs, causing various problems. There are several reasons to replace amalgam fillings with biocomposite or bioceramic fillings.

“Dead” Teeth – Granulomas – Endodontics
There is no simple answer, especially when recent studies show that even radiographically “healed” granulomas still in the tooth substance contain the same bacteria as were previously present in bone lesions. If you have a systemic disease, we would suggest the removal of such teeth, thus reducing the burden on the immune system. If there is one thing the body needs when fighting disease, it is a fully functioning immune system. Our concept offers high quality temporaries that are made the same day, so you have no aesthetic or functional discomfort. On the contrary, patients are even more aesthetically satisfied with their new smile.

Biocompatible Implants – Zirconium Oxide
Biocompatible implants made of zirconium oxide are a better choice than metal implants because of the high affinity of the oral mucosa to their surface. They reduce the incidence of inflammation and provide an aesthetically natural appearance. The correct procedure, including a thorough examination, analysis and preparation of the bone and gums, is crucial to the success of dental implants. Zirconium implants offer high aesthetic results without dark gum margins and with a natural shade. Ceramic implants are an attractive alternative to metal solutions and are becoming increasingly popular due to their biocompatibility and natural appearance.

Blood Tests to determine the Impact of the Mouth on the Body
Integrative Medicine is inconceivable without Biological Dentistry. The mouth with the teeth is a part of the body that influences health with its inflammatory conditions and metallic materials. At the same time, any body therapy cannot be effective if the body is burdened by oral diseases. Infections can lead to periodontitis or periodontal disease, “dead” teeth with granulomas, and among the metals there is amalgam, which contains mercury, and most metallic alloys used in bridges and dentures. Inflammation creates an acidic environment that accelerates the “dissolution” of metals that are deposited in the body. If you have titanium implants, we would suggest a titanium stimulation test, if you have unusual inflammatory reactions, we would suggest a test to determine the balance of the immune system, and so on.

In Biological Dentistry, thorough diagnostics are crucial, including a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity.

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