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If you already have a serious diagnosis and you are in the diseasespan too deep.

If one were to represent human life in a straight line, the first point would signify birth, and the endpoint would be death. In medicine, this is called the lifespan. The lifespan is mathematically made up of health span + disease span, and we surely all agree that everyone wants to be on the health span side for as long as possible.

But all too often, people plunge into the diseasespan too soon, or at least unexpectedly. Of course, it depends very much on the type of disease(s) one has to assess one’s options in the treatment modalities that integrative medicine and dentistry have to offer. The modern diagnostics and therapies at Maha Integrative Medicine and Dentistry will help you either maintain your healthspan, restore it if you have passed it, or improve your well-being if you have fallen too far into the diseasespan. It would be correct to say that each individual therapist develops their own approach and we dare say their own integrative medicine.

  • prolonging your healthspan
  • modern diagnostics
  • improve your wellbeing
Our vision is that you will be able to maintain and increase your inner strength and energy.We will restore balance on the physical, energetic, mental, spiritual, and relational levels of your life. We will teach you how to connect with your inner resources.After all, an important function of the symptom is to bring your mind back into your "body", from where healing begins.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine and dentistry are simply new pages in medicine. In our opinion, they could be called the new era of medicine. It is the integration of many healing methods, including Western medicine, into an effective or functional approach that provides truly individualized diagnostics and treatments.

A Modern Approach to Health: Integrative medicine and dentistry consider all aspects of a person’s health, from the obvious physical, psychological, and mental components to the less obvious intuitive and spiritual well-being. This approach can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of a patient’s health and contribute to effective treatment plans.

Focus on Prevention and Wellness: Integrative medicine and dentistry place a strong emphasis on prevention and health promotion. This includes lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, stress management techniques, yoga and meditation classes, and much more.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Integrative medicine and dentistry emphasize individualized treatment. It takes into account the unique needs, preferences, and circumstances of each individual. This tailored approach can lead to more effective and efficient treatment outcomes.

Support in Chronic Diseases: Integrative Medicine can be particularly effective in treating chronic conditions. It offers a range of therapies that complement conventional treatments and give patients a wider range of options to manage their health problems.

Integrative medicine and dentistry treat the whole body, not just a specific disease.


Six stages of disease development

The development of general integrative medicine has its roots far back in history.


It is a fact that modern Western or pharmaceutical medicine has emerged from the roots of ancient medical systems. Not to delve too deeply into history, we would say that Dr. Reckeweg is the one who, in the 1940s, combined Eastern and Western medicine and created a beautiful map of disease development. So it’s not just about the symptoms; it’s about the development of a condition in the human body that, if not treated, will lead to a certain disease. There are six stages of disease development, the last one being the different types of cancer. So before we continue with the explanation of the six stages, we would like to emphasize that, for your better understanding, always think of the health span, the disease span, and where you might be.

It will be crucial for our team to determine the exact position on the lifespan line and plan your therapeutic course accordingly. We are aware that this may sound simple or even too ezotheric, but rest assured that the concept is scientifically sound and even correlates very well with modern thinking.

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Integrative Dentistry

Integrative medicine without biological dentistry does not exist. The mouth, with its teeth, is a part of the body that, with its inflammatory conditions and metallic materials, significantly influences overall health.

integrative medicine and dentistry

All therapies that target the body cannot be effective if oral conditions burden the body. Infections can lead to periodontitis, gum disease, and “dead” teeth with granulomas. Non-infectious conditions called FDOJ increase inflammatory mediators, and among materials, metals must be replaced with non-metallic materials. Rigor is of utmost importance in integrative dentistry.

How and why disease progression occurs in certain individuals is the focus of Maha Integrative Medicine and Dentistry

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